The following are links to some of the music artists I really love:


Tony Ashton

Tony Ashton wrote the 1971 hit "Resurrection Shuffle" which he had with his group Ashton, Gardner & Dyke (who disbanded in 1972). Check out my Ashton Homepage:

  • Tony Ashton WWW Pages

    Frank Zappa

    Frank Zappa is one of my all time musical heroes. Here is the link:

  • Frank Zappa Official Site

    Paul Rodgers

    Paul Rodgers was lead vocalist in the legendary group Free known for the hit "Allright Now". After that he formed Bad Company, another huge group in the 70's. Check his official website out:

  • Paul Rodgers Official Homepage

    David Coverdale

    David Coverdale was lead vocalist in Deep Purple from 1973 till 1976. After that he formed Whitesnake which became even bigger than Purple. Check the Whitesnake official website out:

  • Whitesnake Official Homepage

    Deep Purple

    My favourite Hard Rock band!

  • Deep Purple
  • Deep Purple Website: The Highway Star
  • Review: Deep Purple Live In Lebanon 8 July 1997

    Glenn Hughes

    Glenn Hughes formerly of Trapeze and Deep Purple revived his career in the early 90's after a decade of drug and alcohol addiction that prevented him from managing his singing career. The last 10 years have seen the release of many excellent albums ranging in style from funk and blues to hard rock. Check out the official website:

  • Glenn Hughes Official Website

    Phyllis Hyman

    Phyllis Hyman comitted suicide June 30 1995. As far as I'm concerned she never got the recognition she deserved in spite of many hit singles and albums. Check out my Phyllis website:

  • The Phyllis Hyman WWW Pages

    Alan Ross

    Please help me find out what happened to 70's guitarist Alan Ross. Click here.

    Oscar Brown Jr.

    Oscar Brown Jr. released 10 albums between 1960 and 1975. Unfortunately, only some of them are available on CD. Here are some links:

  • Oscar Brown Jr.
  • Oscar Brown Jr's Set Free

    Johnny "Guitar" Watson

    Johnny "Guitar" Watson died in May 1996 at age 61. He is best known for songs such as "Three Hours Past Midnight", "Gangster of Love", "Ain't That A Bitch". A favourite of mine!!! Here is a link:

  • Johnny "Guitar" Watson Biography

    Shirley Murdock

    Shirley Murdock is a very underrated R&B artist. Help me improve this page with any info you can add:

  • Shirley Murdock Page


    Syreeta is my favourite singer of the 70's Motown scene:

  • Syreeta Page

    Munir Khauli Official Website

    This is the website I put together for my friend and musical collaborator Lebanese songwriter/guitarist Munir Khauli. His is some of the most refreshing music to come out of Lebanon. Munir is also known as guitarist with Ziad Rahbani and Fairouz. Click here to see his website and hear some audio samples.

    Oussama Rahbani Site

    Oussama Rahbani is the son of Mansour Rahbani who is one of the legendary Rahbani brothers. Check him out at this site .

    Check out my MYSPACE page