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WALID ITAYIM: Where I Wanna Be

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Walid Itayim born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. Ever since he heard the Beatles at age 6 he decided that he wanted to play guitar in a rock band when he grew up. While still in his teens, he started writing his own songs. During his college days and after he got to play in several bands. He played guitar in the Lebanese band FORCE from 1983 until 1985. Force was led by bass guitarist Abboud Saadi who along with drummer Emile Boustany founded the band in 1982. Their repertoire was made up of all original compositions. In those days in Lebanon, that was not very common as most bands' played cover songs. They recorded an album of all original compositions entitled "Forced" which was released in 1985 on cassette. The album was recorded at Bypass, Ziad Rahbani's recording studio. Ziad himself appeared on the album as a guest keyboard player. In the years since then, Walid continued to write songs and play gigs in local clubs. He got to record on other people's albums such as Ziad Rahbani's CD Monodose with Salma on which he played guitar on 2 tracks("2as3adallahu Masa2akum" and "Da3wa dud Majhoul"). In the year 2000 Walid and Munir Khauli recorded an album of their own original compositions with Fouad Afra on drums but unfortunately it was not released.

In November 2006 he acquired a home recording studio and finally got the chance to record some of his older songs which up till then had only been recorded on primitive home recording equipment in addition to some newer ones that were written especially for the album. Over the next 18 months, he recorded 12 songs which were released on CD under the title "Where I Wanna Be" in April 2009. Most of the instruments were played by Walid and his musical partner of of 30 years, Munir Khauli. The CD had guest appearances by Ziad Rahbani on one track, Arthur Satyan on one track, Sami Shabshab on one track and saxophonist Jeremy Chapman on 2 tracks.

Walid is currently working on 2 projects with Munir Khauli. One is his daughter Sima's first CD and the other is the follow up to Where I Wanna Be.

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